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I recently saw 'Aladdin - the musical' and I was stunned! The two playing Aladin and Jasmin was okay, but the dude playing Geenie was BRILLIANT!!!! I was literally crying with laughter over him - I was worried how they were going to bring Geenie to life on a theatre scene, but this guy was just perfect!! And he only graduated from the Danish Musical Academy last year, but he was amazing! Most of the cast was either recent graduates or students at the academy, with a few exceptions, and it was all so brilliant!!! I wish I could share the whole thing with you guys, but my words doesn't do the show the justice it deserves!!!
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2011-02-16 08:46
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'This Time' is the newest single from the awe inspiring Cassidy Haley. A definitive must have in my opinion, and the video made my week!

You can purchase the track here:


but I would defiantly recommend also listening to his other tracks.
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How many songs do you have?

Put the bands in alphabetical order - list the first 10 bands from the top:
1. a-Ha
2. A-teens
3. Aaliyah
4. Aaron Carter
5. Aaron Goldberg
6. Abba
7. AC/DC
8. Acceptance
9. Ace of base
10. Adam Lambert

And from the bottom:
1. 89ers
2. 8 ball
3. 7 days away
4. 5 bugs
5. 50 cent feat Justin Timberlake
7. 4nu815(podfic reader)
8. 36 crazyfists
9. 3+2
10. 3 doors down

Tell me the playlists you have right now and what’s in them: (I have a lot so I just took 8 random)

Cassidy Haley - songs and performances by this awesome man

Adam Lambert - once again, very self-explanatory

Christmas - A mix of christmas music

Kradam - Songs by Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

ferie mix(vacation mix) - once again a throen together mix of songs I like

Issa - A playlist inspired by my friend Isabella

Movie music - a mix of different soundtracks I like

Sleepers mix - a playlist I listen to when I have to relax or sleep

So, what are you listening to right now?
Soulweeper - Volbeat

How many songs do you have by this artist?

How did you acquire all this music anyways?
Bought some, had some, people send me stuff and pilfered from my friends computers

What artist do you have the most songs/albums from?

Put it on shuffle, and write the first 5 songs that come up:
Saruman the white - Howard Shore
We don't need another hero - Tina Turner
Part of your world - disney
Poker Face - lady Gaga
Walk away from the sun - Seether

What is your favorite song out of those?
Walk away from the sun - Seether

Favorite artist?:
Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Robin Beck, Hans Zimmer, Hodges

Do you like acoustic songs?
Some times

Lastly, tell me how many songs you have by each artist listed:
Panic! At the Disco: 4
Duran Duran: 2
Marilyn Manson: 11
Utada Hikaru: 0
Ashlee Simpson: 1
Fall Out Boy: 2
Bright Eyes: 0
Brand New: 0
The Beatles: 5
Metallica: 137
Mozart: 2
The Rolling Stones: 1
David Bowie: 9
John Mayer: 1
Michael Jackson: 121
Avril Lavigne: 3
AFI: 1
Blink 182: 1
Nsync: 4
Rancid: 1
No Doubt: 2
Eminem: 46
Incubus: 2
Something Corporate: 0
Jack’s Mannequin: 0
Beethoven: 6
Kelly Clarkson: 9
Clay Aiken: 1
A Perfect Circle: 2
The Postal Service: 0
Death Cab for Cutie: 0
Coldplay: 3
Switchfoot: 0
The Killers: 2
The White Stripes: 1
30 Seconds to Mars: 0
Evanescence: 17
Orgy: 1
Sum 41: 7
HIM: 2
Staind: 9
Korn: 8
Red Hot Chili Peppers: 2
Slipknot: 7
My Chemical Romance: 35
Green Day: 181
Our Lady Peace: 0
The Cure: 3
Modest Mouse: 6
The Smashing Pumpkins: 0


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