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Thank you to all the wonderful people who whisked me a happy birthday. You guys are awesome ❤️
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I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with my father. 30 freaking minutes!

We didn't even discuss anything important, just 30 minutes of small talk. My mother is usually the one I chit-chat with, while my father and I usually just share a good beer and watch a movie. When I talk with my father, we say a lot of things without really saying anything. I am most definitely a daddy's girl. I love my mum, she is awesome and everything, but my dad is the one I usually go to for comfort. He's a quiet, calm, slightly pacifistic man, and he is my rock. He is the one I go to when everything seems too much, when the world threatens to overwhelm me.

This started out as a 'WTF!?! I just spent 30 minutes chit-chatting with my dad!' and ended up as a Ode to My Father.

I'm such a dork.
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My exam in German is Tomorrow... And I'm freaking out!!!!

and my boyfriend is being a romantic fool, even if he denies it. Saturday afternoon he texted me that he was taking me out to dinner to get my head out of the books, and where does he take me? One of the best restaurants in the city where I live. Never mind the fact that he lives almost an hours drive from where I do, and he bought me roses. Long stemmed, deep red roses!*sighs happily* He's impossible to understand sometimes.

I'm rambling - I need to get back to my books! Wish me luck!*crosses fingers*
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I couldn't agree more.

Dear everyone involved with the Archive of Our Own,

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who's ever written a line of code, fixed a bug, wrangled a tag, answered a support ticket.

Thank you to the back-end coders and thank you to the front-end coders.

Thank you to everyone who's ever brainstormed about what the archive might do, and thank you to everyone who's poured their hearts, souls, and spare time into trying to make the archive do all of those things and more.

I use the AO3 every day. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for building it for me and for everyone who uses it -- and for everyone who doesn't use it yet but might use it someday.

This archive isn't something to which fandom is entitled. It's a labor of love. You make the archive as your gift to fandom, and I appreciate that gift so, so much.

Even though it isn't finished yet. Even though it isn't perfect yet. It's still awesome, and your hard work is tremendous and admirable, and I just want to say thanks.

(Dear everyone else: if anything in this post resonates with you, feel free to signal-boost or repost.)

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Dear everyone!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas(or what ever holiday greeting you prefer) and hope you all get to spend it with those you love!

Merry Christmas! I Love You!



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